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Gentle arches, plump cushions and an airy base are all dominant character traits of Normann Copenhagen’s new modular sofa design, Ark. The design plays with curves and volume, giving Ark its recognizable features for an expression that is simultaneously minimalistic and full of depth.


Ark appears almost as a sofa built solely from cushions, alluding to its soft, welcoming expression. The design seems to be divided into smaller, pillowed sections. The seat, back and armrests all appear to be separate, neatly arranged pillows. This unique composition contributes to Ark’s embracing expression, while the simplicity of the design radiates sophistication and elegance.


A recurring element in the design, Ark gets its name from the Danish word for arches. The subtle sway of the cushions creates a distinct, visual softness that gesticulates at the equally soft sitting comfort. A slight space between seat and floor infuses the design with airiness, while also presenting a practical advantage, providing easy access for cleaning below the sofa.

Ark 3-Seater Sofa - Normann Copenhagen

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